Athletes also suffer from varicose veins

This is a Guest Post by Clínica de Terapia Vascular.

In all actuality, varicose veins couldn’t care less your identity or the amount you work out. They don’t give it a second thought in case you’re youthful or old, male or female. Anybody can create varicose veins – even competitors.

“In case you’re a competitor, varicose veins can influence your stamina and even cause execution issues,” said a Varicose Vein Specialist.

Certain games put more weight on the veins in the legs than different games. Weightlifting, skiing and hiking power the legs to bolster heavier weight over longer periods. Additionally, redundant movement exercises like running and cycling can build weight on the veins in the legs.

The more serious the investment, the more noteworthy the probability of creating shallow or even varicose veins.


On the off chance that you are a competitor and you are encountering the accompanying post-practice side effects, don’t disregard it! Consider seeing a vein pro like Dr. Lam, particularly on the off chance that you see any of the accompanying:

  • Drained, substantial legs
  • Restricted agony as well as swelling
  • Irritated, swollen legs
  • Blue, swelling veins

An ounce of counteractive action is justified regardless of a pound of cure, isn’t that so? Wearing a pressure stocking can really enhance athletic execution, as it advances proficient flow in the legs and feet.

On the off chance that pressure tights are insufficient, there are some basic, insignificantly intrusive methodology Dr. Lam offers that can mitigate an effectively existing condition without falling back on more intrusive surgery.


  • Venefit Targeted Endovenous Therapy – an inventive treatment that utilizations radiofrequency removal. Amid this negligibly obtrusive methodology, Dr. Lam will embed a catheter through a minor cut and move it to the harmed range of the vein. Radiofrequency waves will warmth, crumple and seal the vein, for all time hindering the blood stream and rerouting the blood stream to nearby sound veins. This procedure offers quicker recuperation, with less inconvenience, wounding and complexities.
  • Phlebectomy – a varicose vein evacuation methodology in which a few little entry points are made in the skin through which the varicose vein is expelled. In the larger part of cases, lines are not required. Phlebectomy is an outpatient methodology that can be performed in-office under light sedation with nearby anesthesia.
  • High Ligation and Stripping of Varicose Veins – Vein ligation and stripping is a minor methodology used to evacuate a harmed vein and in addition keep inconveniences from vein harm. A cut is made underneath the vein, an adaptable gadget is strung through the vein and into the entry point, which is utilized to handle and evacuate the vein.