Becoming an Athlete After Bariatric Surgery

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When it comes to taking leaps, going from being a bariatric surgical client to becoming a triathlete is quite a jump. We sat down with Shannon Dangl, a Blossom client who found her inner athlete, to hear her story.


Becoming an Athlete After Bariatric Surgery ShannonbeforeBlossom: What made you decide to have surgery?

Shannon: I fell down a flight of stairs and blew out my knee. One year after ACL surgery, I was not recovering. I realized my weight was also an issue, and knew I would never get better if I didn’t lose it. I tried every diet imaginable for years, and was never able to keep it off. I felt like I needed to do more, so I had the gastric sleeve surgery.


Athletes also suffer from varicose veins

This is a Guest Post by Clínica de Terapia Vascular.

In all actuality, varicose veins couldn’t care less your identity or the amount you work out. They don’t give it a second thought in case you’re youthful or old, male or female. Anybody can create varicose veins – even competitors.

“In case you’re a competitor, varicose veins can influence your stamina and even cause execution issues,” said a Varicose Vein Specialist.

Certain games put more weight on the veins in the legs than different games. Weightlifting, skiing and hiking power the legs to bolster heavier weight over longer periods. Additionally, redundant movement exercises like running and cycling can build weight on the veins in the legs.

The more serious the investment, the more noteworthy the probability of creating shallow or even varicose veins. (more…)

How Athletes Can Keep Their Joints Healthy?

This is a guest article by Dr. Alejandro Pérez Aguilar, Knee Traumatologist based in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon México.

A joint is the association between two bones. Smooth tissue called ligament and synovium and an ointment called synovial liquid pad the joints so bones don’t rub together. Torment happens when joints wind up noticeably harmed or worn.

For competitors, joint agony can meddle with preparing, race day execution and the capacity to contend and appreciate it. Keeping up joint wellbeing is not just critical for here and now preparing and dashing goals, additionally noteworthy for long haul wellbeing and life span. It’s bad to encounter long haul joint torment and lessened joint capacity coming about because of disintegration of joints because of poor preparing arranging.

Here are a few tips to help you keep up solid joints now and for the long haul joint capacity:

1. Don’t Overtrain. Overtraining happens when the volume and power of a person’s activity surpasses their recuperation limit. Overtraining can be extreme on your joints. As you probably are aware, you will probably feel some muscle torment in the wake of working out. In any case, any soreness that keeps going longer than 48 hours can be a notice overtraining cautioning sign. Such agony could mean you’ve overemphasized your joints, and working through it might prompt harm or harm. Overtraining is expanding your volume or force by over 10% in seven days.

2. Sustenances to Nourish Joints. Eat nourishments high in Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. For a rundown of sustenances rich in Calcium and for a rundown of sustenances that weaken bone and muscle development See Natural Food Sources of Calcium. Vitamin D assumes a key part in the assimilation of calcium for the support of wellbeing bones and advances muscle improvement and muscle quality. The sun is the best wellspring of Vitamin D. Vitamin C is required for the biosythesis of Collagen, a gathering of actually happening proteins which make up around 25% to 35% of our entire body protein content. Collagen is a key element of our ligaments, tendons and skin, and is likewise inexhaustible in our ligament and bones. Omega-3 Fatty Acids advance sound joints and decrease joint agony and swelling. Salmon and Mackerel are great wellsprings of omega-3s. By and large, eating common natural sustenances are more nutritious than handled nourishments or sustenances containing poisons. (more…)

NFL players at risk of Parkinson and Alzheimer

NFL players

This article was writen by Dr. Armando Torres, neurosurgeon.

NFL players are three times as likely as the overall public to pass on from a neurodegenerative sickness, for example, Alzheimer’s infection or Parkinson’s illness, as indicated by another Centers for Disease Control investigation of resigned NFL players.

The review took a gander at almost 3,500 retirees who played for no less than five seasons in the vicinity of 1959 and 1988. Of the 334 previous players in that companion who have passed on, neurodegenerative illness brought on or added to 17 passings.

Despite the fact that the exploration proposes that blackouts and rehashed hits to the head are probably going to fault for the expanded hazard, analyst Everett Lehman says numerous reviews are expected to completely accuse blackouts. (more…)

The use of prescription drugs in sports athletes

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In spite of the fact that competitors are youthful and by and large sound, they utilize an assortment of non-doping arranged pharmaceuticals to treat wounds, cure sicknesses and acquire a focused edge.

Competitors and games pharmaceutical doctors attempt to enhance the treatment of side effects identified with extraordinary preparing amid a world class competitor’s dynamic vocation. As per a few reviews, the utilization of antiasthmatic drug is more successive among tip top competitors than in the overall public.

The sort of preparing and the sort of game impact the pervasiveness of asthma. Asthma is most normal among those contending in perseverance occasions, for example, cycling, swimming, crosscountry skiing and long-separate running.

Late reviews demonstrate that competitors utilize additionally NSAIDs and oral antibacterials more normally than age-coordinated controls, particularly competitors contending in speed and power sports. Improperly high dosages and attending utilization of a few distinct NSAIDs has been watched. (more…)

Paige Hauschild, Ryann Neushul Combine for 6 Goals in Team USA Win

AUCKLAND, New Zealand — Paige Hauschild and Ryann Neushul scored three goals each to lead Team USA to a 14-7 win over China on Wednesday at the FINA Youth World Championship.

Hauschild is a senior at San Marcos High and Neushul a junior at Dos Pueblos. DP sophomore Abbi Hill and freshman Jewel Roemer are also on the USA squad.

Needing a big offensive output to win its group, Team USA started slowly, leading 4-2 after the first quarter. The team picked up the pace in the second, taking an 8-2 advantage at halftime. (more…)

IOC, USOC And NBC Universal Announce Olympic Channel Partnership In The United States

NEW YORK, N.Y. – In a ground-breaking collaboration to connect fans to the Olympic Movement all year round, the International Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic Committee and NBCUniversal have created a comprehensive Olympic Channel content and distribution partnership in the United States, all parties announced today.

During the second half of 2017, the partnership will launch a new U.S. television network under the “Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA” brand that will offer fans year-round Olympic-sport programming from around the world, with an emphasis on their favorite American athletes and teams. The new partnership complements the Olympic Channel, which launched as a worldwide digital platform following the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games Rio 2016. Additional details about the launch of the new linear cable channel will be provided at a later date.

Along with the Channel, the partnership also brings additional coverage of Olympic sports programs that will appear exclusively on other NBCU platforms – including NBC, NBCSN and NBC Sports Digital outlets. The first such coverage begins this Saturday, December 17, with the Team USA Winter Champions Series.


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